Highftech Engineering was born, almost by chance, to work in the aerospace industry. In particular, develops equipment and instruments aboard the International stazionespaziale (ISS), which are used to perform scientific experiments that can’t be done on earth due to gravity. Our goal, however, is broader: We want to “export” our experience and our capacity on the ground. There are technologies that allow us to reach Mars (in 2016 will start the first mission with the aim to land on Mars and return to earth), but we still have many unresolved problems on earth …. Often when it comes to space technology we think of something extremely expensive for only a few “chosen ones” or at least for high-tech products, but it is not.   We have applied our experience on the wheels of industrial trucks, of heat exchangers for compressor systems of packaging of cigarettes, etc.. being able to solve problems and / or create new products with higher performance.   Looking for companies that need support for the development of new technical products on the market or who wish to find new solutions, because often the solution is simpler than it looks!