MACOR®: milled machined parts

Posted by on June 17, 2017

MACOR® is a ceramic material, produced by Corning, that ca be machined by standard milling. HFT achieved a lot of experience in  manufacturing this kind of material using 5 axis milling machines so it can provide you the parts you need in very short time with relative low costs.

This material offers a unique combination of properties, unlike any other technical material. It is a white, non-wetting, odorless and non out-gassing, exhibits zero porosity, can be machined with tight tolerances allowing complicated shape design (optimal performances up to +/- 0.013 mm for dimensions, < 0.5 µm for finished surface and up to 0.013 µm for polished surface). It remains continuously stable at 800 °C, with a maximum peak at 1000 °C under no load, and unlike ductile materials, doesn’t creep or deform. Its coefficient of thermal expansion readily matches most metals and sealing glasses.
As an electric insulator, particularly at high temperatures, it is excellent at high voltages.

Here you can downloaded material datasheet.

The following pictures show some application done by HFT. For more details please contact us.