Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE)

Ad hoc trolleys and equipment

Our aerospace handling solutions

To enable movement in all directions in space and the ground integration of satellites, we develop customised trucks and equipment. These aerospace solutions are commonly referred to as MGSE, short for Mechanical Ground Support Equipment. The engineers at Highftech Engineering have always been involved in the design and production of quality components, taking care of all mechanical and hydraulic aspects, as well as the various product specifications. We offer customised, state-of-the-art solutions to customers requesting MGSE development, and provide the certificate of conformity in accordance with Machinery Directive 42/2006. Highftech Engineering puts its many years of experience at the service of any company operating in the aerospace industry.

Quality equipment

Functional and high-performance resources, carefully designed

Over the years, our design and development of MGSE has led us to develop various types of products. In particular, we have developed semi-automatic trolleys, with remote control and hydraulic movements, qualified for use inside clean rooms. In general, we can supply mechanical equipment of various types, for the handling of instruments used in the aerospace industry. In every eventuality, we strive to design every detail with extreme precision and care, to ensure excellent standards of quality and functionality. All our systems comply with current requirements and standards. Our aerospace solutions have always proven to be a functional and high-performance resource. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.



MetOp SG

MetOp SG is a project of ESA and Eumetsat (EPS) that will make available in the next future the most accurate weather forecast ever had before.

HFT is responsible of MWI_MGSE, developed under a programme of and funded by the European Space Agency

MWI is a conically-scanning microwave radiometer developed by OHB-Italia.

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