Microgravity Payload


State-of-the-art equipment

Our experience serving the aerospace industry

For years, we have been working alongside companies operating in the aerospace industry by providing professional services as well as quality instrumentation. We develop the most suitable scientific instrumentation for the realities of the sector, offering innovative equipment of various kinds. Our instruments can be useful for carrying out sophisticated experiments in a microgravity environment, such as that of the International Space Station (ISS). We have designed, built and tested equipment for studying the capillary flow of fluids in weightlessness. We have also designed and manufactured mechanical parts for experiments on foam characteristics, functional optical instrumentation and lightweight, efficient and small mechanical components.

Not only aerospace

Our support for all companies in need of sound scientific instrumentation

In addition to providing services and products for the aerospace industry, Highftech Engineering also caters for companies in other sectors. Thanks to technology transfer, based on the know-how gained from our experience in the high-tech field, we can provide many new instruments for companies in the aerospace, automotive and other industries. We are at the side of companies and industries from different sectors, and in each case we offer sophisticated, state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation tailored to the most specific requirements. Here too, our aim is to offer the best solutions and products, helping companies to move forward, grow and specialise in the production of excellent products. Request more information about our supply now.