Special products for industry

Our know-how at the side of entrepreneurs

We design and supply special products for industries of various sectors

Many times when people talk about space technology, they think of something extremely expensive or only available to a ‘chosen few’. In other cases, people think that high-tech products are used there that have nothing to do with what we do on Earth. The reality is quite different, and we at Highftech Engineering have always strived to bring that excellent technology to numerous industries. Through technology transfer, based on our know-how gained from experience in the space and high-tech sectors, we can provide new design and analysis tools as well as new methodologies. In particular, we can develop and supply new special products for industry, meeting the needs of various sectors.

New solutions for the future

From the analysis of needs, preferences and requirements to the realisation of new products

At Highftech Engineering, we serve our customers by using the best solutions for the aerospace sector (and beyond) to propose better performing products. We have always strived to complete the technological transfer of methodologies and solutions from the aerospace sector to the more strictly industrial sector. We do this by revisiting different analysis and design methods, carefully modifying devices for industrial applications, but also materials and/or manufacturing processes. This allows us to collaborate with many companies from all sectors and accompany them into the future. If you too would like to implement optimal special products for industry in your production department, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will start with a careful analysis of your requirements, preferences and needs, and together we will realise new products and optimal production processes.