Control with penetrating liquids

A valid non-destructive control

From liquid penetrant testing to software analysis

Among our other popular aerospace services, Highftech Engineering offers liquid penetrant testing. This method is optimal for working in the aerospace field because it allows cracks and defects in manufactured components to be identified. This is a non-destructive test that allows the identification of the various types of discontinuity that may be present on the surface of a component. The operation involves applying a special coloured liquid to the part/sample. When the liquid is removed, it will remain within the discontinuities that may be present on the surface. Subsequently, the Highftech Engineering team will carry out a further check using the Esacrack fracture analysis software. This check will be based on the results obtained from the previous non-destructive inspection.

A versatile solution

Liquid penetrant testing is a suitable method for various artefacts

This non-destructive testing can be used in a variety of industries. Besides being a suitable solution for the aerospace sector, in fact, liquid penetrant testing is useful in the aviation, automotive, manufacturing and other sectors. It can be performed using different techniques depending on the size and type of artefact to be inspected. There are many materials that can be inspected using these liquids. The important thing is that the material in question is not porous and therefore does not absorb the liquid used. If it absorbed it, defects and discontinuities could not be detected. This non-destructive testing can complement almost any manufacturing method, from additive manufacturing to machining. Contact Highftech Engineering for more information and support from experienced technicians.