Dimensional inspection

Excellent quality control

A very careful and thorough service, performed with our 3D measuring machine

Inside the Highftech Engineering laboratory there is a 3D measuring machine for the dimensional control of parts manufactured by us and for third parties. The instrumentation is calibrated annually, by certified external personnel, and allows for careful and thorough quality control of all parts manufactured in our construction department. Our dedicated dimensional inspection services allow us to measure geometric dimensions and tolerances and to identify any defects with respect to the original design. Thanks to dimensional inspection, problems can be identified at an early stage in the production process, thus avoiding wastage of economic resources and more. This service involves a series of checks and analyses that may vary depending on the component/product taken on.

The solution not to be underestimated

An optimal resource at the design and prototyping stage

Highftech Engineering supports companies by providing an accurate dimensional inspection service and immediate feedback. Thanks to our innovative instrumentation and many years of experience, we can not only detect defects, but also their cause. This is precisely why dimensional inspection proves to be an excellent service for the aerospace sector, but also a valuable service for the aviation sector and industries in a variety of sectors. It presents itself as an optimal resource at the design and prototyping stage. All companies without a metrology department can count on the expertise of our specialised technicians. If your company also needs valid dimensional checks, do not hesitate to contact the Highftech Engineering laboratory.