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In addition to the design of production processes and products for the aerospace industry, solutions and products for the aviation sector and other industries, Highftech Engineering provides high quality machining. Our machining is carried out in our in-house construction department, which is equipped with innovative 5-axis CNC machines. This state-of-the-art equipment provides precise and accurate results. Thanks to the experience gained by our team performing the operations and the direct exchange of information with the adjacent technical department, we can take care of extremely complex machining operations. In any event, we can guarantee an excellent degree of finish.

State-of-the-art machinery for quality results

A high number of precision machining operations thanks to the best CNC machines

The careful and punctual study of the tool path and positioning inside the machine allow us to optimise production times within the tolerances indicated on the drawing. The precision machining we can perform allows us to create holes and slots of various sizes on the chosen material, as well as recesses, pockets, reaming and more. Our 5-axis machines allow us to offer a large number of machining operations, always guaranteeing precision and quality in the result. Our machines give us the possibility to produce any type of part and component, even those characterised by high production complexity. Contact us for more information about our machining service and a no-obligation quote.


5-axis machining