Our History

Consulting and advanced design tools for the space and automotive sectors

Highftech Engineering is a company established at the beginning of 2000, with the main objective of providing customised consultancy to large companies operating in the aerospace and automotive sectors. Highftech Engineering was born from the intuition of its founder who, after working as a freelance consultant for many Italian and foreign companies in the ‘Space’ sector, decided to start an SME equipped with advanced design tools and highly qualified personnel.

Today, Highftech Engineering offers diverse products and numerous services for the aerospace sector, services for industry and beyond. It is involved in research and development in high-tech sectors (space, automotive and composites). We work alongside those in the robotics, high performance automatic machines, internal combustion engines; the motorcycle/cycling, packaging, biomedical, energy and other sectors. We design and propose state-of-the-art solutions for companies in different sectors. In each case we carefully analyse the needs and requirements of the companies, in order to realise together new efficient products or improved production processes.


Team and structure in 2000

  • No. 1 Engineer with No. 1 laptop

Team and structure in 2023

  • N°8 Engineers
  • N° 4 Mechanical Engineers
  • N° 2 Consultants
  • N°1 Administrative Clerk
  • N°1 Shed with open space office, mechanical construction department and test and measurement laboratory
  • N° 2 Machining Centers
  • N°1 lathe-mill
  • N°1 three-dimensional measuring machine
  • N°1 rapid prototyping machine
  • N° 2 High vacuum chambers
  • N° 1 Helium leak detector
  • Network of Pc on design and simulation software

Our Mission

The transfer of technology, based on the know-how acquired through experience in the high-tech field, has enabled us to provide many new tools for design and analysis. It has also led us to propose excellent solutions for rapid prototyping, experimental measurements, dimensional control, liquid penetrant testing and more. Highftech Engineering supports the customer by taking care of all stages of project development. We support companies step by step, from the critical analysis of requirements to mechanical design, from the choice of materials to machining, all the way to the finished product, tested and validated by numerical simulations and experimental tests.

Our aim is to propose new methods for new product development to companies, guaranteeing optimal solutions and professional services for the aerospace and aeronautics sectors, as well as consultancy services for the automotive industry and beyond. Nowadays there are technologies that enable us to reach Mars, but there are still many challenges waiting for us on Earth. We at Highftech Engineering intend to help companies overcome those challenges, move forward, grow and specialise in producing excellent products.

What we do


Skills, equipment and programmes

Within our facility we have a technical department, a large laboratory for analysis and experimental tests, and a construction department. Each section of our facility is led by qualified designers, engineers and mechanical experts. Each member of our team is competent and constantly up-to-date and uses state-of-the-art equipment for system design and advanced 3D CAD design. Our staff is also experienced in thermal structural analysis and other types of experimental testing. We have CNC machines, ultrasonic washing machines, three-dimensional measuring machines and many other state-of-the-art instruments. Thanks to the best software and the skills of our team, we can support companies by offering solutions and services for the design of products for the aerospace sector, products for the aviation sector and solutions for industries in other sectors.

Accredited laboratory