Customizable products

Prodotti customizzabili per prodotti aerospaziali

Products developed for space applications that can be adapted to your needs

Over the years, Highftech Engineering has developed products for the aerospace and/or industrial sector that can be customised according to customer requirements. In particular:

  • fill valves up to 250 bar
  • double seal containers with maximum leakage of 10-4 mbar*l/sec, up to volumes of 0.25 m3
  • pressure vessels made of titanium (up to 250 bar)
  • tubes of complex shapes in stainless steel or peek with flanges and one-way valves machined inside the flanges
  • precision linear actuators equipped with load cells and control software
  • gravity compensation systems for rotating parts

New solutions from past experience

From specification analysis to product development based on past experience

Products that we have developed in the past can be reworked according to customer requirements. This significantly reduces development time compared to starting from a blank sheet of paper, building on the results obtained in similar applications.

Prodotti customizzabili per settore aerospaziale