Research and development in HFT for new products

Many ideas for great results

From experience gained to the realisation of new products

Building on current solutions for the aerospace industry, Highftech Engineering is carrying out research for the development and subsequent commercialisation of its own products. In particular, we are focusing on the production of miniaturised filling valves with 1 or 2 containment levels. We are also developing heat exchangers for high-pressure systems and vacuum chambers. Our aim has always been to evolve and to produce advanced, high-tech products that keep pace with progress and anticipate customers’ needs. Our research and development activity is yielding excellent results, which will lead us to propose new interesting products soon.

Evolution is the watchword

Aerospace technology at the service of other industries

Our goal is to positively revolutionise every industry by bringing aerospace innovations to Earth. We have already made huge strides in applying our expertise in the design and development of technological and performance solutions. We have improved industrial truck wheels and implemented aerospace technology on compressor heat exchangers and cigarette packing systems. This attitude of ours has always led us to optimise our customers’ production processes and products, but also to solve problems and/or create new, higher-performance products. Our intention is to continue along this path, satisfying our customers’ needs and creating solutions that anticipate their requirements.