Flight Transport container

Aerospace containers.

We produce containers with double or triple levels of containment

Over the years we have developed considerable experience in the design and manufacture of transport containers. We specialise in the transport of aerospace material, optimising the weight, strength and functionality of our containers. We produce transport containers using state-of-the-art materials and techniques as well as special software for virtual simulation. All this allows us to always offer containers that are safe, efficient and functional for their intended use. To complete our production process, we perform numerous quality controls and vibration and shock tests. This allows us to qualify our products according to the specifications of each spacecraft used. In particular, we specialise in the manufacture of containers with double or triple containment levels. They consist of a main structure made from solid aluminium blocks onto which two flat lids are screwed.

Different solutions for different needs

We develop transport containers of various types according to requirements

The absence of welds and the special feature of having internal stiffening ribs allow for high strength and rigidity. Our transport containers boast an outer surface free of protrusions and sharp edges, as well as being suitable for the use of damping panels during transport. As far as non-tight containers are concerned, we develop containers with 6 screwed-in walls, containing a special damping material for damping shocks and vibrations. We also produce frame containers, equipped with spring dampers or similar. Our many years of experience in this field enable us to offer transport containers of different types, which are also suitable for different industrial and production areas. For more information on our containers, please contact our team as soon as possible and ask for a personal consultation.


Air transport container for advance testing on QMs

Contenitore per il trasporto aereo per test di avanzamento su FM