Our projects for great results

From requirements analysis to the realisation of new products and processes

Highftech Engineering deals with the design of production processes and products for the aerospace industry, products for the aviation sector, and solutions for industries in other sectors. We also collaborate with leading European car and motorbike manufacturers on the development of new products in both the motor and chassis fields. We have always strived to complete the technology transfer of methodologies and solutions from the aerospace sector to the more strictly industrial sector. We carry out transfer of a methodological type, revisiting the various methods of analysis and design, and of an application type, modifying devices for industrial applications. We also carry out modifications to materials and/or manufacturing processes. We work in the area of research and development in high-tech sectors, and in each case we start with a careful analysis of requirements, preferences and needs. We then realise new products or more optimal production processes together with companies.

Lots of progress for quality solutions

Our research has taken us to new levels and to new solutions to offer our customers

Highftech Engineering has always been involved in research and development of products for the aerospace and aviation industry. Over time, we have modified and tested our products and services to make them optimal for other industries as well. We have introduced the use of composite materials, typical of aerospace construction, to the high-speed automatic machine sector. This has enabled us to offer more satisfactory and dynamic performance to companies operating in this field. We have also developed seamless high-pressure aluminium radiators and introduced new simulation methodologies. These have enabled many companies to reduce experimental phases in product development and achieve excellent improvements in time to market. Highftech Engineering offers an advanced and diversified design service according to customer requirements. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information.