Highftech Engineering is therefore an intuition of its founder, who after further consulting experience as a freelancer for many Italian and foreign companies in the “Space”, has identified the major development opportunities for SME’s development of design tools advanced and highly qualified personnel.

The evolution …

Team and structure in 2000:

– N ° 1 n ° 1 engineer with 1 laptop


Team and structure in 2015:

– No. 6 engineers

– No. 3 mechanical technicians

– 1 administrative employee

– 1 shed with open-plan office, department, machine shop and laboratory test and measurement

– N ° 2 to 5-axis machining with pallet changer

– 1 three-dimensional measuring machine

– n°1 rapid prototyping machine

– n°2 high vacuum chambers

– n°1 helium leak detector

– Network of PCs with software design and simulation