HFT inaugurates new 50 kW photovoltaic plant

HFT inaugura nuovo impianto fotovoltaico da 50 Kw

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Highftech Engineering goes green

Project Description

Highftech, in collaboration with Consorzio Esperienza Energia, analysed its energy consumption in order to define the strategies necessary to minimise the environmental impact of its activities. In particular, this involved installation of solar paint on the shed windows installation of a photo-voltaic system with 45 KW peak power to cover current and future needs (investments already planned)


The solar paint is intended to reduce internal solar radiation, facilitating cooling and thus improving working conditions. The photo-voltaic system is intended to cover 40% of Highftech’s electricity needs by consuming 56% of the energy produced and feeding the remaining 44% into the grid


The solar paint was applied at the beginning of the summer season and the results were immediate with improved indoor environmental conditions that reduced the use of air conditioners The photo-voltaic system went into operation in October, but taking into account the current season, it meets the forecasts of energy produced

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund